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23 Jun 2014 Irina Ansell In Uncategorized

Hello my muffins J Back for more I see? Good choice! Today, we talk beauty.   I have been getting lots of questions in relation to my top beauty secrets and tips, and how I look after my flawless skin J Everyone wants to know, and now, you will. So how do I do it? Oils. Yep, you heard right – oils. This is one of my biggest lifesavers, and a huge part of my beauty routine. All products I use are organic and cold pressed with the least amount of processing possible. This attribute allows the oil to retain natural vitamins and antioxidants, assuring it is not refined, deodorized or bleached. So you want to know which oils I use and why stay with me J   ORGANIC COCONUT OIL   Coconut has been long held in high esteem by health fanatics. While it is good for cooking, smells and tastes amazing – it is also a crazy beneficial beauty treatment. I use it in number of ways including treatment for my hair, skin and body cleanse.   Hair, I use coconut oil as a weekly mask. A few tablespoons are all that is needed but since my hair is super […]

16 Jun 2014 Irina Ansell In MY BLOG

MY SUMMER MUST HAVE Hello you fabulously good looking humans! Hopefully you’ve all had an amazing week, just as I hope you’ve spent it longing to hear from yours truly again. Suummmmmeeerrr =) it reminds me of movie “Frozen” that I have watched like 200 times lol, that’s what happens when you have a little mini me J You probably thinking its summer season of bikinis and tiny shorts – what else could we honestly need? Well I think there are few items that can change your life!!! J  I have several MUST have, cannot live without summer items for you. Sunscreen protection For those who want to stay young, have amazing skin and have less risk of having skin cancer- sunscreen is a must. No matter what color of your skin the benefits of wearing sunscreen are HUGE. I had to learn about sun protection only recently after I started having pigmented spots on my face (thankfully it is all gone now, I wish I would start using sunscreen earlier), but there are decent amounts of people who brave the UV rays without applying sunblock. Sunscreen definitely helps: Prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations To reduce the appearance of […]

10 Jun 2014 Irina Ansell In MY BLOG

  Hello and welcome to my shiny and brand spanking world 🙂 I have many of you asking what are my favorite products are? Or what beauty routine I follow? Some of you were interested to see what is my regular day looks like… Here I will share everything in my Blogs I also will share my health and wellness tips and just how i keep myself in check. Got your attention now haven’t I? Good, listen up! These secrets and much, much more will be revealed right here. I’ll make sure this exclusive blog will cover all things. I feel like we’re best friends already. Finally, I am extremely grateful to my loyal fan base and would love nothing more than to keep you guys happy. So! If there is anything you’d like to see here, speak up,I’d love to hear from you! Welcome again to a part of my crazy world, I hope you enjoy your stay.. xxx